WOW! Great effect.

medi stream spa. The force of water directed into the right lanes.

Every child knows the force of a water-jet. This is, what we took advantage of. medi stream spa massages the user, resting on a warm and flexible mat of natural rubber, with warm water-jets. These jets are generated by two moving nozzles underneath the mat. As with classic manual massage, various movements can be chosen. Circular motions, parallel motion, fir-tree profile motion, pressure point massage, etc.



medi stream spa. medi stream spa. The proper massageprogram for everyone.

As with the manual massage medi stream spa can spread its force throughout your complete back, or it massages specifi cally certain regions of the body, example given, upper body only, or legs only. In the neck section the water pressure will be reduced automatically. The approximately 15 minutes of massage improve blood circulation, stimulate metabolism, vitalize and provide a signifi cant improvement in physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. They release tensions, the muscles are relaxed.