WOW! As desired.

„Your“ medi stream spa. Just like you want it.
Choose between our two basic models in solid and superior workmanship.
On reqest and at an additional fee in your individual color combinations.

Textile design:

  • White textile cover, washable

Seat area
(both models):

  • soft cushioned, cover of tough artificial leather with double seamin 4 standard colors:

Rest area
(option for both models):

  • Standard: black natural rubber mat
  • On request: black, antibacterially coated textile cover, washable, to order at any time

(option for both models):

  • LED RGB Strip
  • The color is variable and can be adjusted according to your ideas

Acrylic design:

  • Standard: white acrylic
  • On request: individually printed lamination for holohedral motifs and logos

  • On request: individual colors possible

NM StreamLine. Top support from A as Advertising to S as Service.

An outstanding product includes an exceptional service,and – of course – we are always available to you:

  • From a non-binding consultation to the implementation of individual design ideas.
  • From the fast and clean installation of the device on site to the annual maintanance.
  • From the creation of favorable fl yers and advertising templates to the production of special posters and displays.

Have you got any specifi c ideas or questions? Please, do not hesitate to contact us!
Rufen Sie uns an!


arrowRoom-Design with wellness lounges. Different motifs are available, on request also with your own motif. Ask for it.